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Xmas Cards and Morning Meows

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


The cat got his first Xmas card this morning. It was addressed to Mr. Ollie Dunlop at our address and he was delighted. It was signed 'Meow Bob', the cat's previous slave who had lived next door. The pair were great friends and Ollie spent a lot of time wrapped around Bob's neck with the paws being held on either side as a steadying influence. He also liked the mention of his name in a card from Pam S. Note1 and various other Ollie addicts. If this goes on the cat will get more cards than we do.

'Morning meows' are a big thing with Ollie. Maurice, across the road, must be visited every morning and given his dose of 'morning meows'. There is also a a widow lady in a flat down the street who receives her quota (for all I know he visits every house in the street) But naturally, the best and the brightest of 'morning meows' are reserved for Ted.

When Ted's car pulls up at the front the cat breaks all speed limits racing down the drive, jerky yowls bumping out of him all the way - something like this - aaak w aw aw ow ow, aakkka wow aw aw But the real greeting comes at the back patio. Ollie must greet people at eye level and does an elaborate dance on Ted's saw horse waiting for the morning ritual. It goes something like this Ollie "Yeeeeoooowwwwoooo"

Ted in like tone "Meeeeeooooow, Ollie" Many head butts and yowls are exchanged before the pair begin work for the day.

John didn't get a dose of 'morning meows' this morning - the cat was so busy with everyone else he missed him out. But he soon discovered that John was up a ladder cleaning the topmost outside window. Ladders are a proper turn-on for the cat and this, added to a missed 'morning meow', spelt trouble. Ollie shot up the ladder in two bounds and tried to run up John's arm to his neck. "Yeowwwwwwwwo" The ladder, cat and John swayed delightfully before toppling to the ground. John was left like an animated spider, hanging from the eaves and screaming horribly.

Fortuntely Ted was at hand to grab John's legs and disaster was averted.

Was the cat sorry - not a bit of it. He had other fish to fry - you see he'd just caught sight of the mail-person cycling down the other side of the street - he had a ton of 'morning meows' left to share and if he hurried .........


Editor's note:

Note1 This article first appeared [as do nearly all the Bev ones on my Storypage] in the newsgroup rec.pets.cats.anecdotes. Pam S. refers to Pam Shirk, who contributes to that newsgroup. She also has many articles here on my Storypage.

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