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The Bubble Battle

by Jenniffer


Well, Peaches has never been one for water. In fact, if she hears it running in the kitchen sink, she heads straight for the other end of the house. So imagine my surprise when I found a certain lovely kitty on the edge of the tub as I was taking a bath...

It all started out innocently enough. Daddy was at work, so I decided a nice hot bubble bath was in order (using only the best - peach scented Mr. Bubbles bubble bath, of course!) Just as I started to relax, Peaches showed up in all her glory, complete with a full conversation. It surprised me to see her there, as she stays as far away from all water as kittily possible (except, of course, for drinking from the toilet.) But to my amazement, I found her perched prettily upon the edge of the tub. "Mrow?" Her tail was flipping lazily along the outside of the tub, and I, being a perfect kitty slave, risked my own tranquility to converse with her about the events of the day. (It seems she had not taken four but five naps today and only used the litter box twice!) But then, something strange caught her eye. Big, white fluffy stuff surrounding Mommy!

It looked suspiciously like that horrible cold stuff that comes ever year, but the temperature just wasn't right. A tentative paw reached into it, to test it first, of course. Aaaah! With a small pop it disappeared! Well, the nose is more reliable anyway, right? But it didn't smell too good, nor did the taste resemble anything like tuna when she licked the small amount from her lips that had once again popped all over.

For awhile, the battle was over. We continued our conversation.

Until Mommy stopped talking.

Apparently, she was enjoying her bath a bit too much. And Peaches would NOT be ignored. She had to be closer. Then Mommy couldn't help but pay attention...

"Hmmm... I know I am no longer allowed on Mommy's tummy, but that is exactly where I want to be. To get there is another problem. I know there's water in this silly thing. (WHY does she enjoy such torture?!) But the water seems to be underneath all this white stuff. So I can just walk daintily over it to Mommy's tummy! Heck, I'm a featherweight at just 10 or 11 pounds...!" Then it happened. (We all know what, of course.) My relaxing, peaceful bath turned into kitty hell as Peaches fell into the tub, flailing those claws and yowling like a Halloween cat. I managed somehow to emerge with nothing more than a few scratches along my legs and feet. Peaches, however, spent the next 3 hours cleaning herself and glaring at me as if it was my doing!!

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