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Catdoor Traffic Light needed!

by Laura, Milan, Italy


So, the fact is my bathroom stinks awfully. The other fact is that I can't stand the idea of getting out of a warm bed and entering a frozen bathroom because the bathroom window needs to be open because of the awful litterbox smell. Add this to the fact that an open window allows you to breathe in the stinky bathroom, but the stink is there anyway...

The other fact is that I live alone but I have more towels than a family of 5. Then, the chest of drawers in my bedroom is by Ikea, and it's collapsing under the weight of towels. Add this to the fact that it's not so comfortable to go back to the bedroom for a clean towel when you realize that you forgot to place it in the bathroom before putting the dirty towel in the laundry box.

Conclusion: I hope my cats are smart enough not to throw themselves down the balcony, as their litterbox is going out. So I'll free the bathrooom air from the smell and the bathroom floor for a new chest of drawers for towels only.

Condition to the conclusion: buy a cat door. And so I did. It was installed on Friday.

By Friday night, Melly had learnt to walk through it in the direction of food, no way to have her pass the other way round.

By Saturday morning, Melly had learnt to go both ways and Dallas had learnt to pass in the direction of food.

By Saturday night, Melly and Dallas were perfectly able to walk both directions and Dynasty was starting to understand that food was only served on the other side.

By Sunday night Melly and Dallas were in love with the cat door and Dynasty decided that inside is better, unless food is outside and no other door but the catdoor is available.

So now is Monday night...

Food is out but Dynasty has already eaten and she's sleeping on the PC table close to me.

Melly is out and she would like to walk in.

Dallas is in but he would like to walk out.

Both Melly and Dallas think they should be the first to pass from the catdoor.

They also have discovered that the catdoor can be opened both with your head and with your paw.

Opening it with your head makes it easier to pass through.

Opening it with your paw makes it easier to slam the door on the head of a cat who is trying to pass through the door in the opposite direction.

And this is what Dallas and Melly have been doing for the past half an hour!

Sometimes a cat manages to pass through... and they switch position and restart slamming the door on eachother's head!

As if they were not already silly enough. :-)


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