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How Wicked can Cats be?

by Laura, Milan, Italy


Despite all my mother's hygienic prejudices, I must admit that one of the main benefits I saw in living with cats was to have them sleeping with me at night. The second main benefit I saw was having them on my lap and cuddling them...

Well, you know I haven't been very lucky on these two points. My cats are not lap cats and they don't sleep with me... or so I thought!

You must know that I have some three minutes between putting my head on the pillow and falling into deep coma until the alarm clock goes off. My mother used to come to check if I was still breathing when we lived together, as it is almost frightening, the way I can sleep 8 hours without ever moving. I haven't been waken up by a heartquake, let alone storms or noisy neighbours...

So tonight, very strangely, I woke up at around 3am because I desperately needed to pee. I tried to lift the sheet but it didn't come away... so i looked better around me. I had Dallas on my left side, the two little ones all curled up on my right side and Dynasty behind the pillow.

They were very upset that I had caught them, and they quickly ran away to their usual official sleeping places: Dynasty on the floor under the bed, Dallas on the sofa and the little ones in their beloved basket (they were born in there!).

Of course, I can't be sure that this happens every night. But even if it had been a special thing for tonight only, was it really necessary to run away like that? They made me the hapiest human in the world, why pretend that they sleep somewhere else?

Sigh! :-)


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