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I am worried about Meowmy

by Catherine Sadler, Ramah, CO, USA


Lately, Meowmy has been going to work early and getting home late. She has done that before. But this time, instead of petting me with her free hand when she walks in the door, her free hand always has a small bag in it and she goes right past me and disappears into the bedroom with it. When she comes out the bag is gone.

I don't like Meowmy ignoring me and being late with my supper. And of course all cats have a huge bump of curiosity. I have just got to find out what is in those mysterious little bags!

Finally Meowmy has a day off to stay home and play with me. But no, she suddenly appears with her little bags and sets them on the end of the bed! At last! Maybe now I can see what is in them! Suddenly the phone rings and Meowmy rushes off to answer it, leaving the bags on the bed.

I hear her talking about "Kmarts 70% off fine gold sale". !!?? What does this mean? Who or what is a Kmart? What does 70% off mean? A sale is when she buys something like my cat food at a low price. But gold? Although I have seen golden birds and yellow-colored mice. Has Meowmy bought me some golden mice or birds?

OOOhh! I can't stand it any longer! I jump on the bed and paw at a bag. It falls over and spills out some little white boxes. I bat at them. I can hear rustling inside. I knock one to the floor; but it doesn't break open. I try another bag and find blue furry boxes. They rustle, too. I knock them to the floor and they don't break open.

I go kind of mad with curiousity and bat the boxes all over the floor; but it doesn't help. Then I investigate the last bag. Ooohh!! It has little soft, fuzzy blue bags with tails. They remind me so much of mice. I claw out a mouse-bag and grab the tail in my teeth.

Then I hear the most awful screeching. No, it's not the mouse-bag; it is behind me. I look and there is Meowmy and now she is yelling words I have only heard Jeff yell when he is mad! This scares me and I run under the perch next to the bed and drop the mouse-bag underneath it.

Then I quickly sprint past Meowmy for my hidey-hole. Up on the washer, up onto the shelf and into the basket of her laundry. I see she is picking up all the little boxes but she is still yelling nasty words. So I burrow down into Meowmy's underthings ripe with her beloved smell. Did she see me? I pop my head up and see her looking at me.

She stops yelling and starts laughing. Has she gone mad? No, she is laughing at me. Then I realize I have one of her lacy underthings on my head with the strap around my neck! {blush} I hunker down and worm my way out of the strap. I decide to lay low for awhile.

I come down for supper and Meowmy doesn't seem to be mad anymore. She has one of the bags on her desk and tells Jeff to come look. I sneak up close, too; but she sees me and says "Don't you dare!" But I still have a good view as she opens a little box like a head opening its mouth wide. She pulls out a golden mouse tail! The next box has a golden mouse skull with glittering eyes!

I go into a daze dreaming of finding this Kmart place of golden mouse parts. Maybe I can find the golden mouse bodies Meowmy left behind!

Lord Amber

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