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The Meat Inspector

by Catherine Sadler, Ramah, CO, USA


Last week I stopped at Safeway to get some meats for the BBQ for the week of my vacation. I got family sized packages of pork country ribs and beef rib-eye steaks. When I got home, I repacked them in meal sized portions in Zip-Lock bags. Then I placed them all in a grocery bag and hollered at my son to take them to the deep freeze. (It is in a shed a few steps from the house).

Then I busied myself in the back of the house for awhile. When I got back to the kitchen, I noticed the bag of meat was still on the counter, so I hollered at my son again. I was a bit miffed and he knew it since he came running and making excuses.

But instead of picking the bag up, he told me I had better have a look. Curious, I went to look. seems The Meat Inspector had been busy inspecting.

Now an Inspector needs to be wily. They know that the opening of a package will be the nicest whatever, with the not so nice at the end of the package. So this inspector ignored the proper end and ripped into the middle of Each And Every Package!

The Inspector tested all the contents for tenderness and tastiness. Some of the meat must have been a bit off since he had to test a pretty good-sized section in one of the packages! Evidently, all the meat passed, since he left it in place rather than throwing it to the floor.

I felt I needed to "thank" the Inspector for passing my meats, so I went to see him. I found him in my office space cleaning up with a satisfied look on his face at a job well done. I offered him some supper, but he wasn't hungry. BTW, his name is Lord Amber, A1MIE. That stands for A1Meat Inspector Extraordinare.

I repackaged the meats in fresh Zip-Locks while my son stood waiting. He then took them to the freezer. I didn't do anything about the bite and claw marks. I reasoned that the charcoal would burn any germs and the char would disguise the tooth and claw marks.

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