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Avast Ye Swabbies

Pine Cone Is Recruiting His Nefarious Crew

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


Yup, Pine Cone is looking for a few good (bad?) cats, though he's not species biased and will consider humans and stuffed goats as well. He was on the kitchen table looking out when I came home this afternoon, though he was laying on the living room floor when I finally got the front door unlocked and walked into the room. He looked at me insolently, as though to let me know that I was only there to provide supplies, and stayed right in front of the entertainment center so that I'd have to step over him to dash to the bathroom.

Later he led his merry band of felonious felines on a raid of the kitchen cupboards, then romped through the house. Everyone except for Tanada (she's a bit of a killjoy as far as the other cats are concerned) was trooping after that bad boy of mine as he romped through the house. He stationed Penelope on the ledge in my window then tromped off leading the rest of his nefarious crew through the house. A little while later I walked down the hall and noticed that QC was in the window in Mandy's room, Berfert in the window in Mike's room, Merlin was sitting on the kitchen table, and Pine cone was walking from room to room as if on inspection. If he could get Tanada to monitor the living room window, he'd have a full guard set up.

So Pine Cone is recruiting a few good (bad?) cats, no experience necessary, on job training available, food's good enough, companionship is outstanding, people are ok, at least they're pushovers. The faint of heart need not apply.

Now to come up with names for his galleon of inequity...

Pam S is terrified that he's going to recruit that burmese looking cat that's been haunting our shrubs lately.


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