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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


This may take a moment. I'm so full of laugh I can hardly type this. Some of you may recall my earlier article about 'Squeaker!' Well, tonight I was teasing Patty about her reaction to the. . .wait a minute. . . okay, I was teasing Patty. . .and she got irritated at the cat all over again.

Now picture the scene; we had pulled her love seat up next to the couch where I lay watching tv. We kinda snuggled down together until I teased her, then she moved away from me. I waited patiently.

Finally, she had to get up and get a glass of tea from the kitchen. While she was up I placed a previously inflated Whoopee cushion under the throw cover on her love seat.

Just as she walked into the living room, the doorbell rang, and a young couple from next door dropped in just to say howdy. They sat down in two chairs across the room from our couch and love seat. Patty walked around for a while, getting tea and cookies, and everytime she walked close. . .wait a minute. . .okay, everytime she got close to her love seat, I held my breath and waited for her to sit down. I thought she was never going to hit that love seat.

Just as I relaxed and had about given up, she suddenly spun around and landed on the. . .whoa. . .landed. . .on the seat, right on the . . . Whoopee cushion. It went pfffffftttttt, very loud, . . . .and Patty. . .Patty jumped. . .Oh, G-d, I'm dying. . .screamed and leaped to her feet, then let out a stream of very bad language (potty mouth), grabbed the spritz bottle and. . .took off after Traveller. The dog and various cats disappeared almost instantly, and Patty chased Traveller about three laps around the inside of the house.

The neighbors were laughing so hard they couldn't even say goodnight, they just helped each other out the door. About then Patty turned and looked at me with fire in her eye, and I went out and sat in the car for about an hour. She went to bed and locked the door.

Hope she's better tomorrow.


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