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Dog-gone Dogs!

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


Pussy is normally the most laid-back, least demonstrative critter around here. She'd much rather watch from her lofty perch on the mantle and giggle than participate in the goings-on. But, you know, sometimes these dogs just get her goat. She showed them today that she really doesn't have that much goat to spare.

Things were kind of quiet at Chez Yehudah when she decided it was time for. . .for something; we never did find out what, but she came down from the mountain with an air of purpose about her, as if she knew exactly where she was going, be it for food or water or whatever. She passed close to my chair, so I dropped a hand and wiggled my fingers enticingly.

Now, no cat can resist that, and she stopped right under those tantalizing digits and purred and rubbed and head butted for all she was worth.

Enter Toby. Toby can't stand for anything to get more attention than he, so he ran right up Pussy's back and stuck his pointy little head under my fingers and got his ears scratched. Pussy squirmed and almost made it out from under the pup, when Mac decided he wanted some of the action. He trotted right up on top of Toby and stuck his head under my hand for an ear scratch.

Suddenly this little black paw with claws extended way out to there appeared from under the mound of dog flesh and started flailing wildly about, said action followed immediately by yelps of surprise and pain from both miscreants. They couldn't see what was attacking them, but each dog apparently blamed the other; Toby sank his needle-sharp, little puppy teeth into Mac's left front paw, and Mac got a death grip on Toby's right ear. Together they rolled across the floor, neither willing to relinquish his advantage.

Pussy got up and stalked back to her place on the mantle, growling to herself and spitting out dog hair as she went. Toby let out a screech and dove under the couch, while Mac stood alone on the battlefield and wondered who had done what to whom with what.

What'll they think of next?


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